Definition of Vendor:

  1. A person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street.

  2. A company selling its shares on a stock market for the first time.

  3. A person who sells something, especially a property

    Example: the solicitor acting on behalf of the vendor.

Synonyms of Vendor

Arab, Automat, Cadger, Chapman, Cheap-jack, Cheap-john, Cheapjack, Coin machine, Coin-operated machine, Colporteur, Coster, Costermonger, Duffer, Hawker, Higgler, Huckster, Peddler, Roadman, Sidewalk salesman, Slot machine, Vending machine

How to use Vendor in a sentence?

  1. An Italian ice cream vendor.
  2. The boy asked his father if they could visit the ice cream vendor at the game and if they could also go to the popcorn stand.
  3. There are a lot of people that make money on a hot day walking around selling cold water bottles as a vendor ,.
  4. I am hungry, i have to go to the hotdog vendor before the next play. Can you pass me my wallet so I can purchase somethings.

Meaning of Vendor & Vendor Definition