Vendor Note

Vendor Note,

What is The Meaning of Vendor Note?

Definition of Vendor Note: A supplier's record is a short-term loan that the supplier offers to a customer and is secured by the goods that the buyer buys from the supplier. A seller's certificate is a form of seller's financial aid or a seller's financial aid, usually in the form of a seller's late loan. When the vendor has more confidence in the customer's business prospects than the traditional lenders (banks), the vendor is more likely to be ranked.

Literal Meanings of Vendor Note


Meanings of Vendor:
  1. A person or company that has some sales, especially a street vendor.

Sentences of Vendor
  1. Italian ice cream parlor


Meanings of Note:
  1. Watching or paying attention (something)

  2. Enter (something) in writing.

  3. A brief note about a written event, topic, or idea as a reminder.

  4. Informal short letter or text message.

  5. A bank note

  6. A specific sound produced by a musical instrument or a human voice.

  7. A particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude.

Sentences of Note
  1. Seeing your mother's extraordinary happiness

  2. Write the address on a piece of paper

  3. I will make notes in my diary

  4. I left a note stating where I was going

  5. Ten pound note

  6. Symphony's last note is gone.

  7. There is a hatred in your voice

Synonyms of Note

take note of, hint, indication, letter, epistle, vein, notation, be mindful of, strain, put down, communication, tone, minute, listen to, jotting, suspicion, account, register, message, observe, streak, record, item, pencil, bear in mind, sound, entry, element, mark, take down