Definition of Velocity:

  1. A measure of economic strength that estimates the number of times an individual dollar changes hands in a given period of time. It is calculated by dividing gross domestic products (GDP) by money supply. Velocity is one tool the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee uses to manage monetary policy.

  2. The speed of something in a given direction.

Synonyms of Velocity

Activity, Actuation, Alacrity, Amble, Bat, Briskness, Celerity, Dispatch, Drag, Droop, Dynamics, Expedition, Fleetness, Flounce, Gait, Gallop, Going, Haste, Headway, Hitch, Hobble, Hurry, Impetus, Jog, Kinematics, Kinesipathy, Kinesis, Kinesitherapy, Kinetics, Limp, Lock step, Lurch, Miles per hour, Mince, Mincing steps, Mobilization, Momentum, Motion, Motivation, Move, Movement, Moving, Pace, Paddle, Piaffer, Prance, Quickness, Rack, Rapidity, Restlessness, Roll, Running, Saunter, Scuttle, Shamble, Shuffle, Sidle, Single-foot, Slink, Slither, Slouch, Slowness, Speed, Stagger, Stalk, Step, Stir, Stirring, Stride, Stroll, Strolling gait, Strut, Swagger, Swiftness, Swing, Toddle, Totter, Tread, Trot, Unrest, Waddle, Walk

How to use Velocity in a sentence?

  1. The velocities of the emitted particles.

Meaning of Velocity & Velocity Definition