Vegeta Brother

Vegeta Brother

Prince Sabzi Kadish's brother ???? I have heard that there is a brother Qadeesh of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, but he.

I've heard that Vegeta has a brother, Qadeesh, in Dragon Ball Z, but he does. If I can get a real Qudish installment or better, please let me know if it's true. I wish you a vegetable 137 there.

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I have heard that Vegeta has a brother named Dragon Ball Z, but there is no installment with him. Can you find me an episode or tell me if it's real?

Vegeta is the only child.


All is well here, listen.

Vegetable has a warm brother.

Vegetables have 2 very colorless brothers.

Through the so-called intensity and intensity.

Well, in the English dubbed anime, his name is Raditz. It first appeared in DBZ Episode 1 when I told you that Goku is not a vegetable, he is an only child unless someone posts a fan fiction.

Vegeta Brother