Vega Neutral

Vega Neutral,

Vega Neutral Meanings:

  1. For neutral Vega trading options, risk is a method of risk management that protects the underlying volatility of the asset.

Literal Meanings of Vega Neutral


Meanings of Vega:
  1. (Spain and Latin America) A vast plain or valley, usually fertile and grassy.

  2. The fifth brightest star in the summer sky and the brightest star in the Lira constellation for northern hemisphere viewers.


Meanings of Neutral:
  1. Neutrality or neutral condition or person.

  2. Neutral colors or shades, especially light gray or gray.

  3. Highlighted gear position separated from the motor.

  4. Neutral power point, clamp, conductor or wire.

  5. Do not impartially support or assist any party in any dispute, dispute, etc.

  6. It does not have strong or positive features.

  7. It is neither acidic nor basic with a pH around 7.

  8. Electricity is neither positive nor negative.

Sentences of Neutral
  1. Sweden and its neutral partners

  2. Classic navy, blue, white and neutral

  3. He neutralized his speed

  4. Some boxes have two busbars, one for ground wire and one for neutral wire.

  5. Portugal was neutral during World War II

  6. Neutral accent

  7. Neutral solution

  8. Direct and neutral contact in the socket

Synonyms of Neutral

impersonal, non-partisan, unobjectionable, without favouritism, fair, bland, detached, even-handed, everyday, disinterested, ordinary, open-minded, anodyne, fair-minded, unremarkable, removed, unprejudiced, unemotional, indifferent, unbiased, commonplace, unexceptionable, objective