Definition of Vector:

  1. Set of elements or numbers arranged in a table (matrix) as rows (row vector) or columns (column vector).

Synonyms of Vector

Aerial infection, Air line, Airborne infection, Axis, Azimuth, Beeline, Biological vector, Carrier, Chord, Communicability, Compass bearing, Compass direction, Contagion, Contagiousness, Contamination, Course, Cryptogenic infection, Diagonal, Diameter, Direct infection, Direct line, Directrix, Droplet infection, Dust infection, Edge, Epidemiology, Great-circle course, Hand infection, Heading, Indirect infection, Infection, Infectiousness, Lee side, Magnetic bearing, Mechanical vector, Normal, Perpendicular, Phytogenic infection, Primary infection, Pyogenic infection, Radius, Radius vector, Relative bearing, Right line, Secant, Secondary infection, Segment, Shortcut, Side, Straight, Straight course, Straight line, Straight stretch, Straightaway, Streamline, Subclinical infection, Tack, Taint, Tangent, Transversal, True bearing, Vehicle, Virus, Waterborne infection, Weather side, Zoogenic infection

Meaning of Vector & Vector Definition

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