Definition of Variable:

  1. A characteristic, number, or quantity that increases or decreases over time, or takes different values in different situations.

    Two basic types are (1) Independent variable: that can take different values and can cause corresponding changes in other variables, and (2) Dependent variable: that can take different values only in response to an independent variable.

  2. Not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to change.

  3. Able to be changed or adapted.

  4. An element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change.

Synonyms of Variable

Able to adapt, Adaptable, Adjustable, Adrift, Afloat, Agnostic, Alterable, Alterative, Alternating, Ambiguous, Amorphous, Broken, Capricious, Careening, Catchy, Chancy, Changeable, Changeful, Changing, Checkered, Choppy, Desultory, Deviable, Deviating, Deviative, Deviatory, Dicey, Different, Disconnected, Discontinuous, Disorderly, Divaricate, Divergent, Diversified, Diversiform, Dizzy, Doubting, Eccentric, Equivocal, Erose, Erratic, Ever-changing, Fast and loose, Fickle, Fitful, Flexible, Flickering, Flighty, Flitting, Fluctuating, Fluid, Freakish, Giddy, Guttering, Halting, Herky-jerky, Hesitant, Hesitating, Heteroclite, Immethodical, Impermanent, Impetuous, Impulsive, Incalculable, Inconsistent, Inconstant, Indecisive, Indemonstrable, Infirm, Intermittent, Intermitting, Irregular, Irresolute, Irresponsible, Jagged, Jerky, Kaleidoscopic, Lurching, Malleable, Many-sided, Mazy, Mercurial, Metamorphic, Mobile, Modifiable, Moody, Motley, Movable, Mutable, Nonconformist, Nonstandard, Nonuniform, Patchy, Permutable, Plastic, Pluralistic, Polysemous, Protean, Proteiform, Ragged, Rambling, Resilient, Restless, Rough, Roving, Rubbery, Scatterbrained, Scrappy, Shapeless, Shifting, Shifty, Shuffling, Skeptical, Slippery, Snatchy, Spasmatic, Spasmic, Spasmodic, Spastic, Spineless, Sporadic, Spotty, Staggering, Supple, Temperamental, Ticklish, Touch-and-go, Transient, Transitory, Uncertain, Unconfirmable, Uncontrolled, Unconvinced, Undependable, Undisciplined, Undivinable, Unequable, Unequal, Uneven, Unfixed, Unforeseeable, Unmethodical, Unmetrical, Unorthodox, Unpersuaded, Unpredictable, Unprovable, Unregular, Unreliable, Unrestrained, Unrhythmical, Unsettled, Unstable, Unstable as water, Unstaid, Unsteadfast, Unsteady, Unsure, Unsystematic, Ununiform, Unverifiable, Vacillating, Vagrant, Variegated, Variform, Various, Varying, Veering, Vicissitudinary, Vicissitudinous, Volatile, Wandering, Wanton, Wavering, Wavery, Wavy, Wayward, Whimsical, Wishy-washy, Wobbling, Wobbly, Changeable, Changing, Varying, Shifting, Fluctuating, Irregular, Wavering, Vacillating, Inconstant, Inconsistent, Fluid, Floating, Unsteady, Uneven, Unstable, Unsettled, Movable, Mutable, Protean, Chameleonic, Unfixed, Fitful, Capricious, Temperamental, Fickle, Kaleidoscopic, Volatile, Unpredictable, Undependable, Unreliable

How to use Variable in a sentence?

  1. The drill has variable speed.
  2. The quality of hospital food is highly variable.
  3. When determining which employees deserve the biggest bonuses, managers must take into account many variable s, including employee performance and seniority.
  4. There were so many variable s in the equation that even practiced mathematicians confessed that they were totally unable to solve it.
  5. The main variable that needed to taken into account during the emergency planning portion of planned space launch was how much the astronaut could hold his breathe before the emergency oxygen turned on.
  6. There are too many variables involved to make any meaningful predictions.

Meaning of Variable & Variable Definition