Definition of Variable:

  1. A feature, quantity or quantity that increases or decreases over time or accepts different values ​​in different situations.

    There are two basic types: (1) independent variables, which can assume different values ​​and cause similar changes in other variables, and (2) dependent variables, which assume only different values ​​in response to independent variables. can.

  2. It is contradictory or a static pattern that changes.

  3. Can be changed or customized.

  4. Elements, features or factors that may vary or change.

Synonyms of Variable

Fitful, Variegated, Staggering, Diversified, Wavery, Unequal, Unpersuaded, Transient, Unrhythmical, Wobbly, Whimsical, Mutable, Roving, Metamorphic, Floating, Undependable, Jerky, Many-sided, Changeable, Checkered, Disorderly, Ticklish, Resilient, Vicissitudinous, Unfixed, Discontinuous, Vagrant, Motley, Shapeless, Capricious, Fluctuating, Kaleidoscopic, Fickle, Scatterbrained, Deviable, Unpredictable, Spasmatic, Unpredictable, Catchy, Giddy, Rubbery, Unverifiable, Intermittent, Wayward, Mercurial, Snatchy, Restless, Fluid, Chameleonic, Flighty, Adaptable, Patchy, Halting, Impulsive, Hesitant, Infirm, Unconvinced, Uncontrolled, Shifting, Erratic, Inconstant, Unsteady, Mobile, Spineless, Unsure, Unrestrained, Flexible, Undependable, Various, Unmetrical, Wishy-washy, Unsteady, Unstaid, Unstable, Wobbling, Nonconformist, Irresponsible, Unsystematic, Wandering, Inconstant, Volatile, Alternating, Lurching, Moody, Unsteadfast, Shifty, Careening, Vacillating, Temperamental, Incalculable, Rambling, Movable, Unsettled, Touch-and-go, Alterable, Changing, Fast and loose, Capricious, Able to adapt, Flickering, Amorphous, Changeable, Wavy, Changing, Permutable, Equivocal, Unequable, Scrappy, Erose, Disconnected, Skeptical, Rough, Modifiable, Jagged, Mazy, Chancy, Ever-changing, Divergent, Unstable as water, Fitful, Malleable, Indecisive, Impetuous, Slippery, Nonuniform, Supple, Different, Spastic, Hesitating, Spasmodic, Veering, Proteiform, Movable, Eccentric, Unforeseeable, Intermitting, Divaricate, Fickle, Nonstandard, Inconsistent, Guttering, Polysemous, Indemonstrable, Doubting, Pluralistic, Undisciplined, Deviatory, Irregular, Unreliable, Dicey, Temperamental, Spotty, Variform, Deviating, Afloat, Kaleidoscopic, Desultory, Fluctuating, Varying, Heteroclite, Adjustable, Ragged, Transitory, Protean, Wavering, Unstable, Deviative, Unfixed, Uneven, Unmethodical, Unsettled, Uncertain, Ambiguous, Sporadic, Choppy, Unregular, Fluid, Uneven, Protean, Impermanent, Adrift, Freakish, Unreliable, Unconfirmable, Mutable, Agnostic, Alterative, Vacillating, Shifting, Unprovable, Unorthodox, Immethodical, Wavering, Ununiform, Spasmic, Changeful, Shuffling, Irresolute, Plastic, Undivinable, Dizzy, Broken, Irregular, Flitting, Volatile, Herky-jerky, Varying, Diversiform, Wanton, Vicissitudinary, Inconsistent

How to use Variable in a sentence?

  1. The drill has variable speed.
  2. The quality of hospital food varies widely.
  3. When deciding which employees deserve the most rewards, managers need to consider a number of variables, including employee performance and seniority.
  4. There are so many variables in the equation that even experienced mathematicians admit that they have no way of solving them.
  5. The key changes to consider during the emergency planning phase of a planned space launch are to the extent that the astronaut is able to hold his breath before emergency oxygen is turned on.
  6. There are many variables involved to make a meaningful prediction.

Meaning of Variable & Variable Definition