Variable Rate Mortgage

Variable Rate Mortgage,

Variable Rate Mortgage: What is the Meaning of Variable Rate Mortgage?

  • Variable Rate Mortgage refers to A home loan with a variable interest rate is a type of home loan that does not have a fixed interest rate. In contrast, interest payments are adjusted with rates above a certain standard or benchmark (such as Labor + 2 points). Lenders can offer lenders lower interest rates over the life of a mortgage. You can also offer an Adjusted Rate Hybrid Mortgage (ARM), which has a fixed initial period followed by a variable rate which is then recalculated from time to time.

    • A floating rate mortgage uses a floating interest rate for part or all of the loan period, rather than a fixed rate.
    • Floating rates basically use index rates such as labor or federal funds rates and then add additional credit spreads.
    • The most common example is an adjusted rate mortgage, or ARM, which usually has an initial fixed interest rate of several years, followed by a regularly adjusted interest rate on the remainder of the loan.

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