Variable-Rate Certificate Of Deposit

Variable-Rate Certificate Of Deposit,

What Does Variable-Rate Certificate Of Deposit Mean?

Variable-Rate Certificate Of Deposit means, Floating rate (CD) certificates of deposit are products offered by banks and credit unions with fixed terms but with floating interest rates. Many factors determine the CD rate such as base rate, consumer price index (CPI), treasury bill or market index The amount paid is based on the percentage difference between the initial index and the final index. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protects floating interest rates and such CDs.

  • Floating rate certificates (CDs) of deposits are financial resources with fixed amounts and interest rates that vary based on a variety of factors, from the base rate to the consumer price index and the market index.
  • There is usually a penalty for early withdrawal of funds from the CD.
  • Floating rate CDs are most profitable during low interest rate periods, although permanently low interest rates can have a negative impact on rates.

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