Variable overhead

Variable overhead,

Definition of Variable overhead:

  1. All of the expenses, other than labor, which fluctuate on a monthly basis depending on sales and costs. The variable overhead for a typical business might include such things as the cost of telephone service, office supplies and product packaging, as well as promotional expenses like printing, mailings advertising and website maintenance. Variable overhead costs tend to be higher when a business is engaged in a greater number of transactions, a higher level of production, or other situations in which more business events take place. The opposite of fixed overhead costs such as payroll and insurance, which generally remain static.

Meaning of Variable overhead & Variable overhead Definition

Variable Overhead,

What is The Meaning of Variable Overhead?

  • Variable overhead is a term used to describe the costs of preparing for fluctuations associated with business operations. As production increases or decreases, the variable type of head changes. Proportional overhead differs from overhead for administrative tasks and other tasks with fixed budget requirements.

    • Variable overhead is the cost of running a business that fluctuates with productive activity.
    • As production increases or decreases, the variable overhead moves.
    • Examples of variable overhead are production requirements, equipment service and delivery wages and salaries.

  • A mixed or semi-variable part of overhead that varies in proportion to a particular activity or performance measure.

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Meanings of Variable:
  1. It is contradictory or a static pattern that changes.

  2. Can be changed or customized.

  3. An element, function or element that may vary or change.

Sentences of Variable
  1. The quality of hospital food varies widely

  2. The drill has variable speed

  3. There are many variables involved to make a meaningful prediction

Synonyms of Variable

changeable, capricious, floating, fluid, fickle, fitful, protean, changing, movable, unreliable, wavering, volatile, uneven, kaleidoscopic, inconstant, unsteady, unsettled, undependable, vacillating, unstable, shifting, mutable, inconsistent, chameleonic, unpredictable, fluctuating, temperamental, irregular, varying


Meanings of Overhead:
  1. Above the height of the head in the sky.

  2. Located above the level of the head.

  3. (Drive mechanism) on a dynamic object.

  4. (Cost or Expenses) Expenses incurred during the general maintenance or operation of a factory, location or business that are not related to a particular product or item.

  5. Expenses or overhead

  6. Transparency for use with overhead projectors.

  7. Overhead basket

  8. Summary for overhead projectors

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  4. Departments are generally reluctant to pay the full cost of overhead.

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Synonyms of Overhead

raised, in flight, up above, expenses, aerial, running costs, projecting, high up, fixed costs, costs, over one's head, in the sky, operating costs, above one's head, budget items, suspended, elevated, up in the sky, overhanging, above, on high, aloft