Variable Benefit Plan

Variable Benefit Plan,

Variable Benefit Plan Meanings:

  • A variable program is a type of pension plan that changes payments based on the program's investment performance.

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Meanings of Variable:
  1. It is contradictory or a static pattern that changes.

  2. Can be changed or customized.

  3. Elements, features or factors that may vary or change.

Sentences of Variable
  1. The quality of hospital food varies widely

  2. The drill has variable speed

  3. There are many variables involved to make a meaningful prediction

Synonyms of Variable

unsettled, protean, changing, movable, wavering, unpredictable, kaleidoscopic, uneven, inconsistent, fickle, unsteady, capricious, mutable, temperamental, inconstant, volatile, shifting, changeable, vacillating, unfixed, floating, varying, fitful, undependable


Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Public performances or other entertainment whose product is a special charity work.

  2. Make a profit.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Social assistance benefits

  2. The social season is highlighted with dance for beginners and charity shows

Synonyms of Benefit

reap benefits, advantage, social security payments, gain, welfare, ease, make money, unemployment benefit, insurance money, profit, good, state benefit, public assistance allowance, government benefit, interest, benefit payments, well-being, pension, sick pay, satisfaction, comfort, enjoyment, reap financial reward, social security


Synonyms of Plan

strategy, plan of action, intention, agenda, project, game plan, sketch out, objective, object, arrangement, formula, frame, suggestion, master plan, proposition, arrange, scenario, make a map of, schedule, shape, contrive