Definition of Variability:

  1. Numerous possible consequences of specific circumstances.

  2. Variation, predefined definition, is a measure of the distribution of data that is the Doni Don distribution and the diverse set-variable. There are other elements. Financially, variability in investment returns is more common. Understanding the variability of return on investment is as important to professional investors as understanding the value of self-return.

  3. Professional investors see the risk of the asset class as proportional to the volatility of their returns. As a result, investors demand better returns on high-profit variable assets, such as stocks or commodities, than they would expect from low-variable assets such as bonds.

Synonyms of Variability

Eccentricity, Wobble, Intermittence, Fits and starts, Undependability, Unpredictability, Spottiness, Nonconformism, Stagger, Impulsiveness, Arrhythmia, Sporadicity, Roughness, Freakishness, Brokenness, Inconstancy, Desultoriness, Sporadicness, Instability, Divergence, Irregularity, Erraticness, Versatility, Nonconformity, Choppiness, Flightiness, Divarication, Fibrillation, Capriciousness, Moodiness, Raggedness, Dappleness, Fluctuation, Mercuriality, Waywardness, Erraticism, Spasticity, Variegation, Restlessness, Fitfulness, Unfixedness, Disorder, Differentiation, Unconformity, Unsteadiness, Difference, Unstableness, Fickleness, Whimsicality, Inequality, Unsettledness, Unmethodicalness, Unsystematicness, Deviability, Changeability, Variety, Uncertainty, Wantonness, Wavering, Patchiness, Variousness, Unreliability, Motleyness, Pluralism, Nonuniformity, Diversification, Mutability, Unconformism, Unevenness, Deviation, Unsteadfastness, Disconnectedness, Inconsistency, Changeableness, Unorthodoxy, Discontinuity, Variation, Shiftiness, Nonstandardization, Jerkiness

How to use Variability in a sentence?

  1. Transformation refers to the deviation of data and is widely used in the data and financial industry.
  2. Variables are more likely to be financed for returns, and investors prefer more profitable investments with less variability.
  3. Financial estimates for our business vary widely. I did my best to estimate the profitability in the next quarter.
  4. Variations are used to standardize return on investment and provide a point of comparison for more detailed analysis.
  5. There is a lot of variability in some products, but you can reap the benefits if you enter at the right time.
  6. There is a lot of volatility in some stocks and it is important to understand the risks before making your biggest bet.

Meaning of Variability & Variability Definition