Definition of Valve:

  1. A device for controlling the passage of fluid or air through a pipe, duct, etc., especially an automatic device allowing movement in one direction only.

  2. Mechanical or electromechanical device by which the flow of a gas, liquid, slurry, or loose dry material can be started, stopped, diverted, and/or regulated. The main types of values include: (1) Isolation valve: on/off valve that typically operates in two positions; the fully open and fully closed position. (2) Switching valve: usually a 3-way valve that converges and divert fluid flow in a piping system. (3) Control valve: regulate the fluid flow in a piping system.

Synonyms of Valve

Aerophone, Ball cock, Ball valve, Bell, Bung, Bunghole, Check valve, Cock, Cork, Discharge tube, Double reed, Drain cock, Draw cock, Embouchure, Faucet, Gate, Horn, Key, Lid, Lip, Mouthpiece, Needle valve, Peg, Petcock, Pin, Pipe, Plug, Radio tube, Reed, Sea cock, Slide, Spigot, Spike, Spile, Spill, Stop, Stopcock, Stopgap, Stopper, Stopple, Tap, Tooter, Tube, Vacuum tube, Valvula, Valvule, Wind, Wind instrument, Vent, Vent hole, Way out, Exit, Egress

How to use Valve in a sentence?

  1. In order to be able to drive the car, the mechanic had to tighten a valve and replace a part that was important to the car.
  2. When your safety team is going through your factory they must check every valve even if it seems tedious and unimportant.
  3. A valve shuts off the flow from the boiler when the water is hot enough.
  4. It is important that every valve get checked when you are doing the safety inspections for your factory or warehouse.

Meaning of Valve & Valve Definition