Definition of Values:

  1. A numerical quantity is called an algebraic term, quantity, quantity or numbers.

  2. The financial value of something in areas such as accounting, economics, marketing or mathematics. See also value.

  3. The principle or principle of conduct determines what is important in life.

  4. Estimate the value of the dollar.

  5. Respect that something should be worthwhile, valuable or useful

  6. You see (someone or something) as important or useful.

  7. Period of voice representation by a note.

  8. Lighter or darker than a particular color.

  9. What are the important and enduring beliefs or ideas about the members of a culture that are good or bad and desirable or undesirable? Values ​​have a profound effect on an individual's behavior and attitudes and serve as general guidelines in all situations. Some of the common business values ​​are justice, innovation and social inclusion.

  10. The meaning of a word or other linguistic unit.

Synonyms of Values

Profit, Rules of conduct, Precious, Usefulness, Importance, Worth, Advantage, Practicality, Set a price on, Put a price on, Moral principles, Avail, Use, Sense, Prized, Helpfulness, Morals, Benefit, Standards, Moral code, Effectiveness, Estimate, Point, Moral values, Moral standards, Worth its weight in gold, Treasured, Cost, Principles, Utility, Assay, Favourite, Code of behaviour, Gain, Assess, Service, Merit, Help, Assistance, Efficacy, Significance, Price, Standards of behaviour, Appraise, Rate, Good, Dear, Evaluate, Worth ones weight in gold, Ethics, Desirability, Cherished, Cost out

How to use Values in a sentence?

  1. Values ​​that become the focus of the organization in communicating with employees indicate the company's relationship with the community.
  2. The total value is 45 45,000.
  3. I want to continue to meet him because I realize that he has the same values ​​and dreams in life.
  4. He has come to respect your privacy.
  5. Rhythm values ​​are fourth, eighth, and quarterly notes, and only the basic finger pattern is already used in the curriculum.
  6. In either case, the order references depend on the previous usage and the value of the word.
  7. They internalize their parents' values.
  8. With the lack of landscaping, artists use adjacent colorful values.
  9. X average
  10. Your support is invaluable.
  11. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Meaning of Values & Values Definition