Value Share

Value Share,

What Does Value Share Mean?

  • A stock, etc. is considered low value and, therefore, good investment prospects.

Literal Meanings of Value Share


Meanings of Value:
  1. Define the financial value of (something)

  2. See (something else) important or useful that you really value.

  3. Consider that something deserves meaning, value or usefulness

  4. A person's principles or behaviors determine what is important in life.

  5. Numerical quantity, denoted by algebraic term, quantity, quantity or number.

Sentences of Value
  1. Its estimated value. 45,000

  2. He began to respect your privacy and freedom.

  3. Your cooperation is invaluable.

  4. Rhythmic values ​​are quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter notes, and the first syllabus uses only the middle finger pattern.

  5. In both cases, the reference to the order depends on its previous use and the price as a word.

  6. The artist uses neighboring color values ​​on low tide

Synonyms of Value

estimate, gain, utility, rules of conduct, desirability, code of behaviour, profit, significance, sense, worth one's weight in gold, price, worth, effectiveness, favourite, treasured, appraise, set a price on, evaluate, principles, practicality, worth its weight in gold, importance, moral values, avail, good


Meanings of Share:
  1. Sharing (something) with someone else.

  2. A portion or a portion of a large sum of money that is distributed to many people or it is donated by many people.

  3. One of the equivalent shares in which the company's capital is distributed, thus saving a portion of the profits.

  4. Examples of posting or republishing content on social networking sites or apps.

Sentences of Share
  1. She shared the cake with him

  2. Under the proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  3. By 7:30 p.m., he had shared 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

Synonyms of Share

part, bit, go halves in, division, divide, allotment, portion, quota, go halves with, allowance, lot, measure, allocation, ration, due, split