Value Props (value Propositions)

Value Props (value Propositions)

Positioning statements that explain what value you provide to a specific audience and how you achieve that value. For example, one of Uber's value propositions could be:

  • With a touch of the phone, the car is sent directly to you.
  • Your driver already knows where you want to go.
  • And your payment is processed for you, without having to carry cash with you.

The main value is comfort.

Literal Meanings of Value Props (value Propositions)


Meanings of Value:
  1. Appreciate the value of judging the value of something.

Sentences of Value
  1. The tenacity of a quarter note is twice that of an eighth note.

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Meanings of Props:
  1. An object placed in front of or below another to support what it supports.

  2. A player on either side of a at a scrum.

  3. One of the bowls from the accessory set.

  4. (sometimes figuratively) To support or support something.

  5. Play rugby standing.

  6. (usually raised, see standing up) The position of (a person's) legs in a sitting, lying or lying position so that the knees are raised to a higher level.

  7. An object placed or installed on a stage to create a scene or set on which actors will perform.

  8. An item placed in an advertisement to suggest a lifestyle, etc.

  9. Propeller plane.

  10. Manually start the engine of a non-electric propeller plane by pulling one of the propeller blades with your hands to start the propeller.

  11. The offer, especially in the poll on election day.

  12. Gasoline.

  13. Respect or recognition of another person, expression of approval or special appreciation is praise.

Sentences of Props
  1. They glued a piece of wood under it for support.

  2. Try to use the phone book to block the table where the leg is missing.

  3. They used the trophy as a prop in the movie.

  4. I have to thank Roger for the way he handled this situation.


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Meanings of Propositions:
  1. The act of offering (ideas) in return.

  2. Proposed idea or plan.

  3. (Transaction parameters) The terms of the proposed transaction.

  4. In some states, voters put a bill or constitutional amendment to the vote.

  5. (Grammar) Complete sentence.

  6. The content of a proposition, which can be taken as true or false and can be regarded as abstract, without regard to the linguistic sense that this proposition represents (Aristotelian logic), is the predicate of the subject, which is negated or affirmed and connected by a binding.

  7. A statement formulated in such a way that it can be accepted as true or false.

  8. A statement that has been shown to be true, but is not significant enough to be called a theorem.

  9. A statement of religious teaching as an article of faith.

  10. A section of a poem in which the author specifies his theme or subject.

  11. Suggest to (someone you don't have a relationship with).

  12. To make (someone) an offer or offer.

Sentences of Propositions
  1. "Wiktionary is a good dictionary is a sentence" is a sentence.

  2. The suggestions of Wycliffe and Huss.

Value Props (value Propositions)