Value Fund

Value Fund,

What Does Value Fund Mean?

  • Definition of Value Fund: Value funds are funds that follow a value-based investment strategy and want to invest in stocks that, because of their core characteristics, are considered to be undervalued. Value investments are often compared to development investments, which focus on startups with high growth prospects.

    • Value funds follow a strategy that focuses primarily on investing in low-value stocks.
    • Value fund managers look for stocks that are trading below their true value for a variety of reasons.
    • The principle of a price investment strategy is that the stock price rises because the market recognizes the true value of the stock and investors benefit from this increase in the value of the fund.
    • Value stocks are established companies that offer dividend payments to investors.
    • Warren Buffett, one of the world's most successful investors, is a value investor.

  • Value Fund means: Funds that invest primarily in stocks are considered undervalued.

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Meanings of Fund:
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Sentences of Fund
  1. Created an economic investment coordination fund.

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