Value added reseller (VAR)

Value added reseller (VAR),

Definition of Value added reseller (VAR):

  1. Retailers that assemble, expand, modify, and maintain products and / or services tailored to the individual needs of the buyer. IT industry VAR including custom hardware and software applications, support services, maintenance contracts, training, etc. It is better to be known as a system integrator. Also known as a value added retailer.

How to use Value added reseller (VAR) in a sentence?

  1. Products are sold to value added sellers who add one or two items to make the product more attractive to consumers.
  2. The Value Added Retailer Act is ideal because retailers can guarantee that the product will work perfectly for the recipient.
  3. As a value-added seller, Mike Computer World can offer customized products to better meet the needs of its customers.

Meaning of Value added reseller (VAR) & Value added reseller (VAR) Definition