Valuables (travel)

Valuables (travel),

Valuables (travel) Definition:

  • Includes personal values ​​through your insurance. This includes cameras, sunglasses, computers, cell phones and jewelry. See your policy for a full list of what is covered.

Literal Meanings of Valuables (travel)


Meanings of Valuables:
  1. Some special value, especially a small personal item.

  2. It costs a lot.

Sentences of Valuables
  1. Keep all your valuables in the hotel

  2. Precious artifacts

Synonyms of Valuables

precious items, prized possessions, costly articles, personal effects, treasures


Meanings of Travel:
  1. Walking from one place to another, usually covering some distance.

  2. In motion (of an object or radiation), usually in a permanent or anticipated manner.

  3. Take more steps (usually two steps) than allowed while holding the ball without driving.

  4. Travel work

  5. Range, speed or type of movement of machine parts

Sentences of Travel
  1. The plane traveled from Libya to Ireland

  2. Light travels faster than sound

  3. My work involves a lot of travel

Synonyms of Travel

advance, proceed, progress, move