Definition of Validity:

  1. General: The period of time in which the contract, bid or offer is valid, complaints, documents, etc.

  2. Logical or realistic features, concrete or persuasive.

  3. How well a device, selection process, statistical technique or test measures what it is trying to measure.

  4. Banking: The period during which the Leader of Credit remains valid and during which the recipient has to comply with all the requirements.

Synonyms of Validity

Warrantableness, Power, Expedience, Desert, Effectiveness, Reliability, Substance, Dependability, Actionability, Clout, Legitimacy, Potentiality, Effectiveness, Rationality, Legal process, Cogency, Prepotency, Benignity, Power pack, Muscle power, Beneficialness, Vitality, Stability, Efficacy, Drive, Permissibleness, Substantiality, Authenticity, Gravity, Sinew, Superiority, Plausibility, Vehemence, Auspiciousness, Charge, Legality, Substantiality, Power structure, Moxie, Push, Value, Mightiness, Unerringness, Quality, ■■■■, Sanctionableness, Full blast, Admissibility, Permissibility, Defensibility, Legal form, Compulsion, Steadfastness, Constitutional validity, Legitimateness, Viability, Might and main, Skillfulness, Productiveness, Scope, Grace, Secureness, Justice, Soundness, Favorableness, Might, Effectuality, Worth, Soundness, Helpfulness, Full force, Cogence, Reliability, Healthiness, Punch, Force majeure, Reasonableness, Virtue, Authoritativeness, Licitness, Powerfulness, Main strength, Staunchness, Virility, Benevolence, Justness, Jurisdiction, Superpower, Virulence, Forcefulness, Charisma, Black power, Logic, Weight, Believability, Trustworthiness, Due process, Rewardingness, Mana, Goodliness, Justifiableness, Force, Justiciability, Solidity, Merit, Steam, Constitutionality, Force, Puissance, Kindness, Main force, Sustainability, Class, Legalism, Cogency, Calculability, Admissibleness, Wholeness, Fineness, Steadiness, Armipotence, Pull, Authority, Lawfulness, Weight, Predictability, Applicability, Constitutionalism, Pizzazz, Excellence, Energy, Flower power, Duress, Advantageousness, Invincibility, Amperage, Strength, Credibility, Goodness, Justifiability, Potency, Effect, First-rateness, Profitableness, Usefulness, Vigor, Faithworthiness, Allowableness, Virtuousness, Foundation, Power, Vim, Strong arm, Security, Agreeableness, Strength, Fairness, Potence, Productivity, Authority, Bona fides, Wattage, Beef, Power struggle, Niceness, Influence, Rightfulness, Dint, Firmness, Brute force, Pleasantness

How to use Validity in a sentence?

  1. We may question the authenticity of our data.
  2. This guy told me it was an original painting, but I questioned its validation or what he told me because it sounds crazy.
  3. The accuracy of our sample depends on the accuracy and precision of the data we use. If the data is not good, our sample does not prove anything.
  4. If the couple has bought a car, they will have to make a decision before the loan can be approved and implemented.

Meaning of Validity & Validity Definition