Definition of Validation:

  1. Assume that (1) the instrument measures exactly what it claims to be measured or (2) a statistical or technical test accurately predicts something. See also authenticity.

  2. Check or verify the authenticity or reality of something.

  3. Evaluate an action, decision, plan, or transaction to determine if (1) it is true, (2) complete, (3) ■■■■■■■■ (and / or recorded), and the expected results.

How to use Validation in a sentence?

  1. The technique must be validated in control studies.
  2. Before creating an account on the site, I need to enter the verification code that was sent to my email address.
  3. In order to verify your work, it must first be reviewed by several different people in the office.
  4. Gentlemen are trying to validate your ideas and plans, although he has made a clear contribution to our group, perhaps he is just kind.

Meaning of Validation & Validation Definition


The process of checking one or more aspects of a submission for schema errors, file format issues, and upload parameter anomalies that could affect storage eligibility. Validation results can contain any combination of structural analysis data, warning messages, or fatal errors that prevent the object from being consumed.