Definition of Validate:

  1. Check or prove the validity or accuracy of (something).

  2. Accounting: To attest or confirm the accuracy and propriety of a financial item.

  3. Decision making: To establish the fitness or worth of a decision or course of action by asking are we doing the right thing? or are we making the right product?.

  4. General: To make something, such as a document, legal and effective.

Synonyms of Validate

OK, Accept, Accredit, Affirm, Amen, Approve, Assay, Attest, Audit, Authenticate, Authorize, Autograph, Back, Back up, Bear out, Bolster, Bring to test, Buttress, Certificate, Certify, Charter, Check, Check and doublecheck, Check out, Check over, Circumstantiate, Collate, Confirm, Constitute, Corroborate, Cosign, Countersign, Cross-check, Cut and try, Declare lawful, Decree, Document, Double-check, Empower, Enable, Enact, Endorse, Enfranchise, Entitle, Essay, Establish, Experiment, Formulate, Fortify, Franchise, Give a try, Give a tryout, Give official sanction, Give permission, Give power, Give the go-ahead, Give the imprimatur, Give thumbs up, Have a go, Initial, Justify, Legalize, Legislate, Legitimate, Legitimatize, Legitimize, License, Make a regulation, Make legal, Notarize, Ordain, Pass, Pass on, Pass upon, Patent, Permit, Play around with, Practice upon, Prescribe, Privilege, Probate, Prove, Put in force, Put to trial, Ratify, Recheck, Regulate, Reinforce, Research, Road-test, Rubber stamp, Rubber-stamp, Run a sample, Sample, Sanction, Say amen to, Seal, Second, Shake down, Sign, Sign and seal, Strengthen, Subscribe to, Substantiate, Support, Sustain, Swear and affirm, Swear to, Taste, Test, Triple-check, Try, Try it on, Try out, Undergird, Undersign, Underwrite, Uphold, Verify, Visa, Vise, Warrant

How to use Validate in a sentence?

  1. These estimates have been validated by periodic surveys.

Meaning of Validate & Validate Definition

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