Definition of Valid:

  1. Law: Legally valid or legally effective or legally binding.

  2. Reason: A clear statement that is based on a given assumption (base) or a logical principle, but is not necessary with fact or reality.

  3. (Arguments or points) which have a solid basis in logic or are really respectable or persuasive.

Synonyms of Valid

Legitimate, Logical, Forcible, Effectual, Puissant, Founded on, Authoritative, Applicable, Rightful, Documented, Legal, Laudable, Operative, Kind, Effective, Profitable, Absolute, Within the law, Very good, Justifiable, Legit, Bonny, Cogent, Powerful, Braw, Potent, Rational, Demonstrated, Indicative, Regal, Statutory, Legislative, Confirmed, Circumstantial, Energetic, Validated, Well-grounded, Maintainable, Sanctioned, Grand, Telling, Splendid, Reliable, Expedient, Well founded, Firsthand, Decisive, Justiciable, Grounded on, Bueno, Indisputable, Just, Determined, Lawmaking, Authentic, Based on, Solid, Evidentiary, Constitutional, Defensible, Auspicious, Capital, Sustainable, Favorable, High-pressure, Consistent, Pleasant, Evidential, Adducible, Nice, Substantiated, Self-consistent, Sufficient, Bona fide, Symptomatic, Incontrovertible, Supportable, Ruling, Noble, Sure, Royal, Overwhelming, In power, Irrefutable, Workable, Healthy, Ex parte, Dynamic, Helpful, Arguable, Documentary, Telling, Vital, Conclusive, Probative, Able to hold water, Bon, Satisfactory, Commendable, Defendable, Final, High-potency, Armipotent, Juridical, Competent, Well grounded, Excellent, Plausible, Sound, Beneficial, Well-founded, Corroborated, Strong, Attestative, Viable, Skillful, Nuncupative, Admissible, Irresistible, Forceful, Vigorous, Damning, Eye-witness, Famous, Significant, Licit, High-tension, Established, Binding, Prepotent, Attestive, Hearsay, Fine, Kosher, Judicial, Factual, Authorized, Persuasive, Cumulative, Reasonable, Substantial, Certain, Material, Lawful, Virtuous, Elegant, Striking, Mighty in battle, Advantageous, Benevolent, Convincing, Definitive, Weighty, Suggestive, Goodly, Sound, Mighty, Presumptive, Logical, Fair, High-powered, Estimable, Determinative, Verified, Attested, Good, Implicit, Useful, Satisfying, Acceptable, Actionable, In force

How to use Valid in a sentence?

  1. Legitimate criticism.
  2. If your story is true, they will trust you. If any part of your statement is incorrect, you will be disqualified.
  3. When I think about what people say, I often wonder if they are right.
  4. When starting a business, you need to make sure that all your permissions are valid from the start and updated with the code.

Meaning of Valid & Valid Definition


Valid means,

  • Definition of Valid: It may be legally or formally accepted or binding. Does not end, p. For example, a passport.

Sentences of Valid

  1. Accurate review