Definition of Vacant:

  1. (of premises) having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty.

  2. Completely empty. In comparison, unoccupied means not having the presence of human beings.

Synonyms of Vacant

Abandoned, Absent-minded, Available, Bare, Barren, Bland, Blank, Blankminded, Bleached, Calm, Characterless, Clear, Deadpan, Deserted, Devoid, Dull, Empty, Empty-headed, Empty-minded, Empty-pated, Empty-skulled, Expressionless, Extra, Fatuous, Featureless, Fishy, Forsaken, Free, Glassy, Godforsaken, Hollow, Idle, Impassive, Inane, Incogitant, Inexpressive, Insipid, Jejune, Nirvanic, Null, Null and void, Oblivious, Open, Passive, Poker-faced, Quietistic, Rattlebrained, Rattleheaded, Relaxed, Scatterbrained, Spare, Stark, Tenantless, Thoughtfree, Thoughtless, Tranquil, Unaware, Uncomprehending, Unengaged, Unexpressive, Unfilled, Unideaed, Uninhabited, Unintellectual, Unmanned, Unoccupied, Unpeopled, Unpopulated, Unreasoning, Unrelieved, Unstaffed, Untaken, Untenanted, Untended, Unthinking, Unused, Unutilized, Vacuous, Vapid, Void, White, With nothing inside, Without content, Wooden, Empty, Unoccupied, Unfilled, Free, Available, Not in use, Unused, Unengaged, Uninhabited, Untenanted, Tenantless, To let, For sale, On the market, Abandoned, Deserted

How to use Vacant in a sentence?

  1. This assumes the premises were left vacant in the condition required by the lease.

Meaning of Vacant & Vacant Definition