V1n1 V2n2

V1n1 V2n2

V1n1 = V2n2 or V1 / n1 = V2 / n2? 3

Suppose you have N1 gas in STP and N2 gas in STP. If you wanted to provide the volume of both gases, which of the following two equations would you use?

V1n1 = V2n2 or V1 / n1 = V2 / n2?

Briefly describe your cycle and whether it is directly or inversely proportional to the amount of gas.

This is the second.

PV = nRT> If you get all the constants on a page> V / n = (RT) / (PV)

So V1 / n1 = V2 / n2

V1n1 V2n2