Uverse Red X

Uverse Red X

The Uverse ATT Decoder flashes red and green with a red x in the middle of the TV screen. ? ۔

I think the used power supply was last removed. When we woke up this morning, the cable TV receiver was glowing red and green. When we tried to turn on the TV, we saw only a red X in the middle of the screen.

We have a joint (and obviously) work plan for the Internet.

Does anyone have a hardware idea to solve this problem without calling ATT?

It would be really appreciated!

Thanks =)

The first thing I was told was to reset the system by pressing the small TV screen for five seconds. It didn't work, so he told me to close the box for 15 seconds. Place your hand on the back of the box and plug in the power cord, at least with easy access to the store during use.

When that didn't work, they sent a boy to do it, put the box in and installed a new one. We lost all our SWs elsewhere.

At least if you do it all while mentioning it, they can throw you out.

I now.

Green UVers

The cable connecting Xbox and TV is not connected to Xbox. Just plug it in and you're done.

Try turning it on or off again, wait a minute and then turn it on.

Uverse Red X