Utilization Review

Utilization Review,

What is The Meaning of Utilization Review?

  1. Definition of Utilization Review: A technique for controlling medical costs by examining the patterns of use that appear in loss information. The nature, quantity and cost of medical services are estimated to identify the problem areas responsible for the increase in costs. Specific assessments, procedures, service providers and groups of candidates are identified in which costs increase.

  2. Utilization Review can be defined as, The review process should help HMOs and insurance companies reduce healthcare costs by avoiding unnecessary treatment. The review also includes reviewing medical care applications and determining whether such treatment is necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Literal Meanings of Utilization Review


Meanings of Utilization:
  1. The process of using something practical and efficient.

Sentences of Utilization
  1. Steps to increase resource utilization


Meanings of Review:
  1. A formal review of something with the possibility or intention of making changes if necessary.

  2. Critical reviews of a book, play, movie, exhibition, etc. Which is published in a newspaper or magazine.

  3. Ceremonies and inspections of military or naval services, usually by a government official, commander-in-chief or senior visitor.

  4. If necessary, formally investigate or evaluate (something) with the possibility or intention of making changes.

  5. Write critical reviews (books, plays, movies, etc.) for publication in newspapers or magazines.

  6. (An independent, commander-in-chief or high-ranking official) making speeches and conducting official inspections (military or navy)

  7. Watch or analyze a second or more.

Sentences of Review
  1. A comprehensive review of defense policy

  2. He released his first solo album, which received rave reviews

  3. He took a final look at his troops and spoke of his pride in serving in the US Armed Forces.

  4. The company's security measures are being reviewed

  5. I saw your first novel

  6. The queen inspects her colorful army

  7. Next, the slides are examined by a pathologist

Synonyms of Review

analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, examination, investigation, scrutiny, inquiry, exploration, probe, inspection, study, audit, criticism, critique, write-up, notice, judgement, rating, commentary, parade, display, demonstration