Definition of Utility:

  1. Business: Large firm that owns and/or operates facilities used for generation and transmission or distribution of electricity, gas, or water to general public.

  2. A utility program.

  3. Patent law: Usefulness of the item for which a patent is applied. An invention must be capable of use and must perform some useful function for to be considered patentable.

  4. Useful, especially through being able to perform several functions.

  5. Functional rather than attractive.

  6. An organization supplying the community with electricity, gas, water, or sewerage.Stocks and bonds in public utilities.

  7. Ethics: As described by the English philosopher-reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), what appears to augment or diminish the happiness of the party whose interest is in question..

  8. The state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.

  9. Economics: Pleasure or satisfaction (value for money) derived by a person from the consumption of a good or service or from being in a particular place, and for the maximization of which all economic actions are motivated. It is the subjective or psychic return which cannot be measured in absolute or objective terms. Goods or services that have utility for one person may not have for another, and what may have utility for a person at a certain time or place may not have it at another. See also utility theory.

  10. Relating to the lowest US government grade of beef.

  11. Computing: Auxiliary program that performs a specific useful function to maintain, or augment the efficiency of, a computer system. Utilities range from the small and simple to the large and complex, and from being marginally useful to being indispensable. Functions performed by utilities include data compression, data recovery, disk defragmentation, management of computer resources and files, system diagnosis, virus detection, and numerous other. Also called utility program.

Synonyms of Utility

Usefulness, Use, Advantage, Benefit, Value, Help, Helpfulness, Profitability, Convenience, Practicality, Effectiveness, Efficacy, Avail, Service, Serviceableness, Advantageousness, Practical, Functional, Serviceable, Useful, Sensible, Effective, Efficient, To the purpose, Suited to the purpose, Pragmatic, Realistic, Utility, Working, Workaday, Handy, Neat, Ordinary, Down-to-earth, Aktiengesellschaft, Account, Advantage, Advantageousness, Aktiebolag, Alternate, Alternative, Appliance, Applicability, Appropriateness, Availability, Backup, Beneficialness, Body corporate, Business, Business establishment, Cartel, Chamber of commerce, Combine, Commercial enterprise, Compagnie, Company, Concern, Conglomerate, Conglomerate corporation, Consolidating company, Consortium, Convenience, Copartnership, Corporate body, Corporation, Counterfeit, Diversified corporation, Drive, Dummy, Effectiveness, Efficacy, Efficiency, Engine, Enginery, Enterprise, Equivalent, Ersatz, Facility, Fake, Favorableness, Firm, Fitness, Fixture, Functionality, Helpfulness, Holding company, House, Imitation, Industry, Joint-stock association, Joint-stock company, Machine, Machinery, Makeshift, Mechanical aid, Mechanical device, Mechanism, Mock, Motive power, Motor, Operability, Operating company, Partnership, Phony, Pinch, Plunderbund, Pool, Power plant, Power source, Practicability, Practical utility, Practicality, Profitability, Provisional, Proxy, Public utility, Relevance, Reserve, Secondary, Service, Serviceability, Spare, Stock company, Stopgap, Substitute, Syndicate, Temporary, Tentative, Token, Trade association, Trust, Usability, Use, Usefulness, Utilizability, Vicarious

How to use Utility in a sentence?

  1. The final vote at the National Assembly on the privatisation bill to transform utilities into limited liability companies will be held on June 22.
  2. Utility clothing.
  3. A utility truck.
  4. Duke Power is one of the biggest utility companies in North Carolina; it provides electricity for most of the Triangle and the Piedmont areas.
  5. A handy utility for converting one graphics file type to another.
  6. Without our utility workers we would be unable to enjoy all of the simple pleasures; heat, lights, television, to name a few.
  7. He had a poor opinion of the utility of book learning.
  8. In the area where I live we have no choice on what electric utility we have service our address, it is very frustrating when you are unhappy with the provider.

Meaning of Utility & Utility Definition