Utility Analytics

Utility Analytics

What is service analytics?

Utility analysis consists of software and services that use a variety of big data sources collected by most utilities. In this burgeoning field of organizations undergoing digital transformation, analytics tools enable the rapid capture and analysis of a variety of business variables. This is especially useful for forecasting future trading trends.

What are the business benefits of Service Analytics?

The business use cases for data analytics are compelling and widely shared. Thanks in part to massive amounts of historical data and thousands of field sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics helps utilities better understand usage patterns and deliver new services and savings to customers. Tools also use IoT and analytics data to predict network activity and maintenance. Meanwhile, analysis based on historical weather data can predict future weather events and help prepare for climate change.

In addition, many utilities offer credit analysis as a cost-effective way to identify and prevent lost revenue due to energy theft.

Literal Meanings of Utility Analytics


Meanings of Utility:
  1. The state or condition of a useful utility.

  2. Something useful.

  3. The ability of a product to satisfy a consumer need or desire.

  4. Well-being, contentment, joy or happiness.

  5. Service provider for example. B. an electricity or water company or securities of such supplier.

  6. Software designed to perform a single task or a small series of tasks, often to manage and optimize the computer's hardware, operating system, or application software.

  7. Ability to play in multiple positions.

  8. Associated or affiliated with a service provider.

  9. Indication of a room in a house or building that contains mechanical devices such as an oven, B. water/heat tank, circuit breaker and/or air conditioner, and often equipped with connections for communal laundry facilities (washer/dryer).

Sentences of Utility
  1. I bought a new disk utility that can recover deleted files.

  2. Electricity bill.

  3. The laundry.

Utility Analytics