Utah Pool Cost

Utah Pool Cost

How much does it cost to maintain a swimming pool in Utah?

Hiring a professional for cleaning, chemical maintenance, or pool repair can cost anywhere from 100 to 300 per month. Pool maintenance (including chemicals) costs around $ 170 per month on average.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Utah?

Average Utah pool prices start at 30,000 to 40,000 for an easy-access pool.

We might also ask ourselves, how much does a swimming pool add to my electricity bill?

According to the study, with a national average of 11.8 cents per kWh, a pool pump alone can add $ 300 per year to your electricity bill. However, Opower’s research has shown that it is not just the pool itself that is responsible for the huge increase in energy consumption in pool houses.

How much does the maintenance of a swimming pool cost in this context?

Pool Maintenance Costs The average pool maintenance cost is 80 to 150 per month, or approximately 960 to 1,800 per year. For an initial pool cleaning, expect an average of 150 to 350. The annual cost of owning a pool is $ 3,000-5,000, including maintenance, repairs, electricity, and water.

How much does an inground pool cost?

Prices for indoor pools range from 20,000 to 115,000 installed, depending on the material chosen. For an average underground pool of 14 x 28, the fiber is 46,000, the vinyl is 36,000, and the concrete is $ 51,000 to install.

Why are integrated pools so expensive?

Property prices usually determine swimming pool prices. One of the reasons a pool in your area can be so expensive is because the property value is high and can support a higher dollar value spent on property improvements such as a swimming pool.

Do swimming pools add value to your home?

In some areas, adding a swimming pool can increase annual property taxes, but not necessarily the selling price of your homes. So try to keep the total cost of construction between 10-15% of the cost of your home so you don’t over-invest in an offer that you won’t pay off.

What is a good swimming pool?

Overall dimensions, dimensions and depth of the pool Review these tips: Shallow areas that are important to small children are generally at least 36 inches deep. The long pools that swimmers use for training or exercise are at least 45 feet deep. Round pools are typically 25 feet long.

How long should a round pool be?

A prison pool is a pool built and used primarily for exercise and health. Round pools are long and narrow and ideally at least 45 feet long (or wide, depending on where you are).

How deep should my pool be?

For residential pools, the standard maximum depth for a walk-in pool is generally 8 feet, but pool builders can build deeper pools. If you are planning on installing a springboard, 8 feet is the smallest depth you will need on the deep end.

What is the cheapest entry pool?

What is the cheapest underground pool?

For pre-made fiberglass tubes that typically cost 20,000 to 40,000, get the cheapest running pool.

Which type of pool is the best?

Here is an overview of the three most popular types of in-ground pools: Concrete. Concrete pools are the most popular and expensive type of pool. Vinyl. Vinyl-lined pools are the second most popular type of in-ground pools and their number is increasing. Glass fiber. The last word.

What is the smallest size of the inlet pool?

A small pool is generally considered to be a pool of 600 square feet or less. Depending on the shape, size and design, this large pool can still be used for water training and relaxation.

Is a swimming pool worth the money?

A swimming pool increases the value of your home, but it is not enough to cover installation costs. On average, the value of your home increases by 5%. So, if you own a 500,000 home, you can expect to get around 25,000 more if you sell it with a pool.

Are the swimming pools covered by home insurance?

Pools usually fall under the different structure of your home insurance. Household contents insurance usually covers other structures up to 10 percent of your home’s protection. There are no additional costs. The pool gives you additional liability, so you should take out liability insurance.

Is it worth having a swimming pool?

Property Value Despite what you may have heard, S, an indoor pool increases the value of your home. A few years ago, the National Association of Real Estate Agents said that an indoor swimming pool would increase property values ​​by an average of 4-6%.

How much does the weekly pool service cost?

This service costs 100 to 200 per month on average. The weekly service usually takes around an hour to open or close the pool, but can take anywhere from three to four hours depending on the workload.

How can I save on my swimming pool?

8 Ways To Save On Pool Costs Use a pool cover. Stay on top. Turn off the fountains when they are not in use. Use the filter only when necessary. Use an energy efficient pump. Don’t clean. Lower the temperature. Create the right environment for your pool.

Utah Pool Cost