Usual, Customary And Reasonable (UCR) Charge

Usual, Customary And Reasonable (UCR) Charge,

What is Usual, Customary And Reasonable (UCR) Charge?

These are standard or general fees for specific medical services when provided in a specific geographic area. It is widely used to determine the amount of Medicare payments.

Literal Meanings of Usual, Customary And Reasonable (UCR) Charge


Meanings of Usual:
  1. The beverage that one usually orders or likes.

Synonyms of Usual

customary, quotidian, general, recognized, traditional, wonted, familiar, daily, standard, accepted, accustomed, regular, expected, average, settled, predictable, set, stock, constant, conventional, orthodox, normal, routine, everyday, typical, established, ordinary, habitual


Meanings of Customary:
  1. Another term for customs

  2. According to the customs or habits associated with a particular community, place or set of circumstances.

Sentences of Customary
  1. After early habits and holiday memories, he began to tell stories about his life.

Synonyms of Customary

usual, traditional, normal, conventional


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