Definition of User:

  1. Companies that are authorized to use applications, equipment, facilities, processes or systems, or who use or use goods or services to obtain benefits or to solve problems and who may be the actual buyers of the item or no.

  2. The person who uses or operates something, especially a computer or other machine.

  3. The constant exercise and enjoyment of rights.

Synonyms of User

Cokie, Habitual, Alcoholic, Drug abuser, Addict, Operator, Speed freak, Tripper, Pothead, Junkie, Chain smoker, Owner, Marijuana smoker, Dope fiend, Usufruct, Hophead, Consumer, Doper, Snowbird, Glue sniffer, Drug addict, Acidhead, Drunkard, Cubehead, Hype, Drug user, Freak, Fiend, Droit du seigneur, Cocaine sniffer, Narcotics addict, Dipsomaniac, Methhead, Employer, Heavy smoker, Purchaser, Head, Enjoyment of property, Enjoyer, Imperfect usufruct, Pillhead, Perfect usufruct, LSD user, Buyer, Right of use

How to use User in a sentence?

  1. Any verbal consent given during the limitation period will be a negative use of the rights.
  2. When a new user logs in to the computer for the first time, the user needs to configure settings for their individual profile.
  3. The user must press Enter and a message will appear.
  4. I am a new user of this product and would like to consult with people who have used and liked it.
  5. We've found that persistent error messages are actually caused by a user error, as the IT manager informed us.

Meaning of User & User Definition

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