User initiated means that the user voluntarily clicks on the ad to launch it. Most native ads are user initiated.

Literal Meanings of User-initiated


Meanings of User:
  1. Exploitative, (one who uses people, that is, treats people and looks at them in an unfair, selfish and/or unethical way).

  2. In the basic law, 1st or 2nd above means or use. It is usually used in the singular when there is careful reuse of precedents and guidelines that have been removed from the text. Modern law, protected from ambiguity, largely rejects the term.


Meanings of Initiated:
  1. To start downloading.

  2. Point to the principles or principles you want to introduce.

  3. First grant membership to a secret order through mysterious rites or ceremonies.

  4. Take the first action to complete the first rite to take the initiative.