User fee

User fee,

Definition of User fee:

  1. People pay user fees for the use of many government-affiliated services and facilities as well. At the federal level, for example, there is a fee to go up to the top of the Statue of Liberty and to drive into the country’s many national parks. Also, certain services offered by the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. require the public to pay a fee.

  2. A user fee is a sum of money paid as a necessary condition to gain access to a particular service or facility. Examples of user fees could include highway tolls or parking garages.

  3. A fee charged for the use of a product or service. Unlike a tax which is imposed upon the general population, the user fee is charged to an individual only when that individual uses the product, service, or commodity. A toll charge is an example of a user fee. Also called excise tax.

How to use User fee in a sentence?

  1. The money collected from user fees is generally intended to be reinvested back into the upkeep and expansion of that service, product, or facility.
  2. User fees describe the cost necessary to gain access to a product, service, or facility.
  3. Governments may utilize user fees in lieu of, or in addition to, levying taxes to generate revenue.

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