Definition of Use:

  1. The characteristic ritual and liturgy of a Christian Church or diocese.

  2. Banking: Ability to draw funds from a loan account or a line of credit.

  3. One would like or benefit from.

  4. The habitual consumption of a drug.

  5. The action of using something or the state of being used for a purpose.

  6. Take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result; employ.

  7. Law: Right to derive income from land owned and possessed by another.

  8. Be or become familiar with someone or something through experience.

  9. The value or advantage of something.

  10. Describing an action or state of affairs that was done repeatedly or existed for a period in the past.

  11. Take or consume (an amount) from a limited supply.

Synonyms of Use

Usefulness, Advantage, Benefit, Service, Utility, Help, Good, Gain, Avail, Profit, Value, Worth, Point, Object, Motive, Aim, Goal, Purpose, Sense, Reason, Consume, Get through, Go through, Exhaust, Deplete, Expend, Spend, Waste, Fritter away, Squander, Dissipate, Utilize, Make use of, Avail oneself of, Employ, Work, Operate, Wield, Ply, Apply, Manoeuvre, Manipulate, Put to use, Put into service, Find a use for, Resort to, Exercise, Employ, Apply, Exert, Bring into play, Practise, Implement, Draw on, Ablation, Absolute interest, Abuse, Account, Act toward, Adaptability, Advantage, Appliance, Applicability, Application, Apply, Appropriateness, Automatism, Avail, Availability, Bad habit, Behalf, Behave toward, Behoof, Benefit, Bestow, Bleed, Bleed white, Bon ton, Bring into play, Care for, Carry on, Ceremony, Characteristic, Claim, Common, Conduct, Conformity, Consuetude, Contend with, Contingent interest, Control, Convenience, Convention, Cope with, Creature of habit, Custom, Deal by, Deal with, Demand, Do, Do by, Do with, Drain, Duty, Easement, Effectiveness, Efficacy, Efficiency, Employ, Employment, End use, Engage in, Equitable interest, Equity, Erosion, Established way, Estate, Etiquette, Exercise, Exercising, Exert, Exertion, Exploit, Fall back, Familiarize, Fashion, Fitness, Folkway, Follow, Force of habit, Formality, Function, Functionality, Go in for, Goal, Govern, Habit, Habit pattern, Habituate, Habitude, Handle, Helpfulness, Holding, Ill-use, Immediate purpose, Impose, Impose upon, Interest, Inure, Limitation, Make use of, Manage, Manipulate, Manner, Manners, Mark, Milk, Misuse, Mores, Object, Objective, Observance, Occasion, Office, Operability, Operate, Operation, Operational purpose, Parley, Part, Pattern, Peculiarity, Percentage, Play, Play on, Ply, Point, Practicability, Practical utility, Practicality, Practice, Praxis, Prescription, Presume upon, Profit, Profitability, Proper thing, Prosecute, Purpose, Pursue, Put forth, Put out, Put to use, Ravages of time, Regulate, Relevance, Respond to, Right, Right of entry, Ritual, Role, Run, Second nature, Serve, Service, Serviceability, Settlement, Social convention, Specialize in, Stake, Standard behavior, Standard usage, Standing custom, Stereotype, Stereotyped behavior, Steward, Strict settlement, Stroke, Suck dry, Tackle, Take, Take advantage of, Take on, Take to, Take up, Talk, Target, Time-honored practice, Title, Tradition, Treat, Trick, Trust, Ultimate purpose, Undertake, Usability, Usage, Use ill, Usefulness, Utility, Utilizability, Utilize, Value, Vested interest, Wage, Way, Wear, Wear and tear, Weathering, What is done, Wield, Wont, Wonting, Work, Work at, Work on, Work upon, Worth, Utilization, Application, Usage, Employment, Operation, Manipulation, Manoeuvring

How to use Use in a sentence?

  1. If you want to use your money wisely you must always try to make good investments that will pay off.
  2. She used her key to open the front door.
  3. Sometimes you must use all of your available resources to get yourself out of a jam if its your last option.
  4. She was used to getting what she wanted.
  5. This road used to be a dirt track.
  6. Modern trains are now in use.
  7. We have used all the available funds.
  8. After purchasing two acres of land from his neighbor, Patrick felt justified to use the new space to set up the worlds biggest bounce house .

Meaning of Use & Use Definition