Use value

Use value,

Definition of Use value:

  1. Economics concept that the value of a good or service is related only to its mode of use, or to an equivalent value in cash, and not to any intrinsic value.

  2. (Now chiefly in Marxist theory): the value of a product or commodity as determined by its utility to the society in which it exists, as opposed to its value when traded or the quantity of other commodities for which it can be traded.

How to use Use value in a sentence?

  1. Even though the product only cost 20cents to produce, its use value was 100x more since it was required to use the newest tablet.
  2. Upon evaluating their new product, they must not be swayed by how much they like the product, or how revolutionary it might be-- they must look at use value to determine if its realistic to manufacture.
  3. I wanted to determine the use value of the object but it seemed really impossible to do because it was damaged.

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