Definition of Usage:

  1. The action of using something or the fact of being used.

  2. Customary (long established and well known) practice in a particular industry, market, trade, or community, that may affect or determine the interpretation of implied terms in a contract. The burden to establish usage lies with the party alleging it.

Synonyms of Usage

Acceptance, Acceptation, Acception, Active use, Adjectival phrase, Antonym, Appliance, Application, Articulation, Automatism, Bad habit, Bon ton, Care, Ceremony, Characteristic, Choice, Choice of words, Clause, Composition, Conformity, Construction, Consuetude, Consumption, Convenance, Convention, Creature of habit, Custodianship, Custom, Dialect, Diction, Employ, Employment, Established way, Etiquette, Exercise, Exertion, Expression, Fashion, Folkway, Force of habit, Form, Formality, Formulation, Free form, Good use, Grammar, Guidance, Guiding, Habit, Habit pattern, Habitude, Handling, Hard usage, Hard use, Headed group, Homograph, Homonym, Homophone, Idiom, Idiotism, Ill use, Language, Langue, Lead, Lexeme, Lingo, Lingua, Linguistic form, Locution, Logos, Management, Manipulation, Manner, Manner of speaking, Manners, Means of dealing, Metonym, Minimum free form, Misuse, Monosyllable, Mores, Noun phrase, Observance, Operation, Paragraph, Parlance, Parole, Pattern, Peculiar expression, Peculiarity, Period, Personal usage, Phrasal idiom, Phrase, Phraseology, Phrasing, Polysyllable, Practice, Praxis, Preference, Prescription, Procedure, Proceeding, Process, Proper thing, Received meaning, Rhetoric, Ritual, Rough usage, Routine, Second nature, Sentence, Set phrase, Social convention, Speech, Standard behavior, Standard phrase, Standard usage, Standing custom, Stereotype, Stereotyped behavior, Stewardship, Syllable, Synonym, Syntactic structure, Talk, Term, Time-honored practice, Tongue, Tradition, Treatment, Trick, Turn of expression, Turn of phrase, Use, Use of words, Using up, Usus loquendi, Utterance, Verb complex, Verb phrase, Verbalism, Verbiage, Verbum, Vocable, Way, Way of speaking, What is done, Wont, Wonting, Word, Word-group, Wordage, Wording, Wrong use, Utilization, Use, Employment, Consumption, Operation, Manipulation, Running, Handling

How to use Usage in a sentence?

  1. A survey of water usage.

Meaning of Usage & Usage Definition

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What is The Meaning of Usage?

  1. The main function or purpose is that you want to drive your car. For example, if you drive primarily from work to work, it is used as travel. If you are self-employed and primarily looking for customers, this use is considered business.

  2. Refers to the main event or purpose for which you want to drive. For example, if you are primarily at work and going out, when you are self-employed and primarily count as a trip to see customers. Use is considered commercial in retirement. It is considered pleasant to use.

Meanings of Usage

  1. The act of dressing or being used.

Sentences of Usage

  1. Survey on water consumption



  1. Definition of Usage: This refers to the main task or purpose for which you intend to use your vehicle. For example, if you usually go to and from work, this use is considered driving. This use is considered business if you are self-employed and primarily drive to meet customers.

  2. Usage can be defined as, This is the main task or purpose for which you want your vehicle to be used. For example, if your main round trip by car is considered a round trip, if you are self-employed and drive primarily to see customers, then use in your time is considered business. Happiness.

Meanings of Usage

  1. The process of using or using something.

Sentences of Usage

  1. Water consumption survey


How Do You Define Usage?

  1. This refers to the important work or purpose for which you intend to use your vehicle. For example, if you drive primarily to and from work, use is considered a round trip. If you are self-employed and drive primarily for consumers, then use is considered a business.

  2. This is the main task or purpose for which you want to use your car. For example, if you drive primarily to get to and from work, the use is considered a round trip when you are self-employed, and if you are primarily to meet customers If you drive a car, then using it outside of you is considered a business. Happiness

Meanings of Usage

  1. The process of using something or the process of using it.