Us Visa Number

Us Visa Number

Nonimmigrant visa number, where can I find it? ۔

I have a tourist visa ... my visa does not have a sticker in my port ... it is a card, no red number ... only the information contained in it

Family name / last name.

Meeting: Date.


End date

And the date of the visa agreement.

My tourist visa says USA B1 / B2 VISA / BCC.

You have a shared B1 / B2 visa and a border crossing card for Mexican citizens. After the VBUSA characters, the number Ma is on the first line of the readable area. This is number 7.

Nonimmigrant visa number

I agree with Gerd P.

It makes sense to use numbers after VBUSA, all other numbers are personal information, visa expiration date and visa issuance date and this is a cross border visa for Mexican citizens B1 / B2 / BCC.

Jose A.

I don't think you will get a visa number if you come here to get a tourist visa or I will check the green voucher filled in your plane

Us Visa Number

Us Visa Number

If the visa is attached to your file, you will register on the visa at the time of issuance, remembering its expiration date and expiration.

We dropped our I485.

My wife's visa is number 10 after VBUSA, not 7? Nothing shows a control number or a red number.

Some have suggested that this is a number below the PTO axis (bottom left), but this number has letters (such as 7) ... and we are not sure?

This is the number that comes after your mention, this number is followed by a <symbol and this symbol is followed by three letters and then 9 digits, the last 8 digits are your visa number.

If you had a previous Visa Border Crossing card, enter the number 12 at the end of the first line of the most readable zone.

I only had 9 words after GDL, so I just added 000 in FWIW.

Us Visa Number