US Attorney General Salary

The US Attorney salary is a handsome amount as it is one of a prime position. It is $154,984 per year on average. Attorney’s compensation at the U.S Department of Justice will vary from $60,000 to $180,727. U.S. Attorney General’s calculation of pay relies on 39 U.S. Department of Justice Attorney’s Compensation Report(s) submitted by officials or calculated on the basis of factual strategies.

US Attorney General Average Salary:

The U.S. Attorney General’s rank (1-3 years of involvement) receives a normal salary of $101,564.On the other hand, a senior attorney general (8 + long periods of involvement) receives a normal salary of $183,644.$147,254 (USD) a year. The standard attorney general salary in the United States is $147,270 or the same hourly rate of $70.**

They also receive a regular reward of $9,701.U.S. Attorney General’s compensation analysis relies on the payment summary details legally received from companies and obscure agents in the United States.Pay data originates from 13,404 legally obtained information from employees, customers, and across a wide variety of time-trade business operations in the past three years.**

Summary: The Attorney General’s Office pay range from a normal of $32,093 to $95,193 every year.

US Attorney General Salary information

The U.S. Attorney General’s Office uses a few scales of compensation to set up the pay rates of government employees, including the General Schedule, the administratively Defined Salary Package, and the Senior Executive Service. This seat can be filled at any AD grade level.


The degree of the category depends on the number of long periods of a specialist lawyer. Introductory compensation can be fixed at any time during the enrolment range. Attorneys with related experience in the setting of other government pay schedules may be eligible to obtain reimbursement over the enrolment range.

Summary: U.S. Attorneys established under the authority of 28 the United States Code 548, Wages, and affirmed by the Attorney General. Payment for implementation is a vital aspect of the AD pay schedule. U.S. Attorney General’s compensation for implementation is a crucial component of the AD pay package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are a couple of most regularly asked inquiries.

What amount of Money do US lawyers make?

Lawyers working for the Department of Justice make a beginning pay of about $54,600, higher in the event that you have experience functioning as an assistant (source). Government investigators filling in as associate U.S. lawyers (AUSAs) make somewhere in the range of $48,000 and $141,200 (source). That is one gigantic range.

What is the salary of a US Attorney?

Normal Lawyer Salary in 2019. The normal US Attorney General Salary in the United States was $1222,910 in 2018, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a unit of the United States Department of Labor. It is the key reality discovering office for the U.S. government in the wide field of work financial matters and measurements and fills in as the main office of the U.S government Statistical System.

How much do Federal Attorneys earn?

Pay rates for first-year national government lawyers may differ dependent on the spot. For instance, the principal year compensation for an honor’s lawyer in a minimal effort of-living city would stay at $50,287, while that pay would ascend to $63,447 at a significant expense of-living city, for example, Washington, D.C.


As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2018 US attorney general salary in the U.S. was $122,910. That comes out to a time-based compensation of $57.13, expecting a 40-hour workweek. Certain US Attorney general salary positions are delegated Senior Executive Service, and those compensations are relegated in an unexpected way. The normal yearly size of a US Attorney General compensation is $73,700 per year.

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