URL/Domain Name

URL/Domain Name,

URL/Domain Name Meanings:

  1. URL/Domain Name refers to Universal Resource Locator or, more simply, website addresses.

Literal Meanings of URL/Domain Name


Meanings of URL:
  1. Website address.

Sentences of URL
  1. Enter the URL in the address bar of your browser


Meanings of Domain:
  1. An area owned or controlled by a ruler or government.

Sentences of Domain
  1. Plant Janet in southwestern France

Synonyms of Domain

empire, dominion, realm, estate, kingdom, lands, land, province, dominions, territory


Meanings of Name:
  1. A word or a group of words by which a person, animal, place or thing is known, addressed or symbolized.

  2. A celebrity.

  3. Give a name.

  4. Describe the desired (quantity, time or location), proposal or decision.

  5. With a household name (a person or commercial product).

Sentences of Name
  1. My name is Pastor, John Pastor

  2. As always, big races will attract big names

  3. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  4. Show photo and give prizes

  5. Numerous special brands for special markets

Synonyms of Name

luminary, celebrity, called, star, by the name of, VIP, title, superstar, person of note, celebutante, under the name of, known as, important person, christened, worthy, leading light, tag, label, personage, designation, big name, mogul, epithet