Urgent Care Doctors Note

Urgent Care Doctors Note

Will Emergency Care provide a medical certificate? ۔

For the past few days I have had severe migraines, dizziness and a strong desire to eat. This is life and ■■■■■. I want to go to ER today and take a few days off. Do emergency doctors have a reason to work?

You can. Urgent care is as good as a doctor's office.

Sorry for the emergency treatment.

They are soldiers.

They should at least give you some indication that you have been treated for migraine and advise you to see your doctor in the next few days.

For example, you feel better.

I also have a migraine and when I go to the emergency room they give me medicine to relieve the headache and they usually apologize for the day. I'm not sure it will take a few days.

Until they find out they are medically wrong with you.

Urgent Care Doctors Note