Uptick Volume

Uptick Volume,

How To Define Uptick Volume?

A simple definition of Uptick Volume is: The term increase volume refers to the value of shares when the price of shares increases. This is one of the many indicators that investors use to make buying and selling decisions. Traders involved in technical analysis often use volume increments - a theory of using charts to reflect stock prices and volume movements and trends over time. It is used to determine the net volume of a stock, a measure of its velocity, by subtracting volume from decreasing volume to increasing volume.

  • As the share price rises, so does the share price.
  • Traders involved in technical analysis often use more volume in their trading strategy.
  • Traders are witnessing an increase in volume as the stock is in the early stages of a significant bullish move.
  • Stock prices often face resistance bands when bull and bear times are thwarted, leaving no clear trend or movement behind.

Literal Meanings of Uptick Volume


Meanings of Uptick:
  1. Small improvement

Sentences of Uptick
  1. Slight increase in foreign tourism


Meanings of Volume:
  1. A book that is part of a work or series.

  2. The space occupied by an object or thing or inside the container, especially if the container is large.

  3. Sound intensity or intensity intensity level.

Sentences of Volume
  1. A three-volume biography of George Bernard Shaw

  2. The sewerage system cannot handle the amount of rainwater

  3. The sound of the radio is getting louder

Synonyms of Volume

capacity, extensiveness, bulk, loudness, size, mass, amplification, sound, largeness, extent, magnitude, cubic measure, bigness