What is The Definition of Upstart?

  1. A new colony is one that is on the rise in social status and / or economic status, but others are not generally accepted into their new social and economic class.

    • A novice refers to a person who is suddenly faced with promotion to a new class or status, but lacks the appropriate social skills and beauty for the new position.
    • Since there is an initial separation between the newcomer and the social group to which he belongs, they can be drawn out for arrogance or for misinterpreting certain standards of etiquette.
    • If you are a newly promoted employee who cannot adapt to others at the top level of the company, this can lead to dismissal.

Meanings of Upstart

  1. A person who suddenly acquires wealth or high status, especially someone who is arrogant.

Synonyms of Upstart

vulgarian, nouveau riche, parvenue, parvenu, arriviste