Upstairs Toilet Keeps Clogging

Upstairs Toilet Keeps Clogging

I covered two, one above and one above. please!?

1. Stop cleaning.

2. Go down.

3. Soak until the water runs out.

4. Add water or boot

5. Be immersed

(Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for at least 10 attempts)

6. Rinse the floor. Can it be solved in general? Otherwise, go back to n. 3 4 5

7. If it is clear ... Continue until the beginning. And follow steps 3, 4 and 5 (step 6) and rinse down. If the bottom is still rusty, rinse the top.

If this does not solve the problem, you will need a plumber unless you have a network or key snake cleaning equipment.

Everything is in dirty use

Upstairs Toilet Keeps Clogging

Upstairs Toilet Keeps Clogging

To successfully dive, you must lock one of the breakers. You can do this using a large mop head. When you go down, you clean the floor and do not create any gaps to remove the obstruction. Immersion, if done correctly, creates a vacuum so that when the barrier is broken, water can flow to eliminate it. There should also be a container of water to absorb it. When people try to sink the sink, they forget to stop the flow and get the water out of it and not create any vacuum.

If diving is still a hindrance, make sure you have a square-lid inspection camera. Pick up to see if the locks are held. In this case, it is cheaper to hire a drain rod than to call a plumber.

There seems to be a problem with P-Trap in the system. This PK-shaped elbow in the drain prevents the fresh water hose from coming out and prevents unpleasant odors from thickening in the pipe. One possible reason is a filled vent that creates a vacuum that drains water from the P-trap.

Are all the drains OK, tub / gutter, drains?

Never give water, one or two, you can make porcelain

Is it a use or an apartment?

Is it a septic tank or is it a good city? More information will be very helpful. I assume your drains aren't full, but I need more information ... this could be the way. Is this a progressive problem?

In the tone of your question, I think you are too young. So read carefully, there is a plug in the main line that goes to the roadside sewage or sewage treatment plant, whichever is yours. Someone might call someone like a plumber or Roto Rooter and ask them to clean the drain. This is the only thing that will help you in your situation.

It looks like the plug is between the ladder and the drain. Are you in a septic tank or in a city sewer system?

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The septic tank seems empty so I can't give first aid! Call a plumber or professional right away. The tank may need to be emptied to solve the problem.

Don't delay, you need to act quickly so you don't spoil the situation.

Upstairs Toilet Keeps Clogging