Upside Down Exclamation Point

Upside Down Exclamation Point

What does a surprise mean in math? (of the)?

I use complex number systems.

i 2 = 1 or i = square root (1)

These are just letters between you and the keyboard.

Here is a link for you that explains Uma and complex numbers in more detail (in real life they are used in energy math)

Just click on the blue line.

Not sure if the point of surprise is reversed (2, 3)

But is i (the ninth letter of the alphabet) for odd numbers that run when we find the square root of a negative number?

Language Convention w is the sum of mathematics? Can you do just one calculation? Are you saying math is n or math is n? We say math is my favorite subject or math is my favorite subject. At least since 1900. Will this touch ever end in our beautiful speech? maybe not. Maybe you play it safe and focus on the players to maintain your style.

Maybe that means I like it in sqrt (1)? Personally, I've never seen it before, but the best math math ever is an estimated math in high school.

That means all real numbers.

I've never seen math before.

Upside Down Exclamation Point