Definition of Upscale:

  1. Relatively expensive and designed to appeal to affluent consumers.

  2. Convert (an image or video) so that it displays correctly in a higher resolution format.

  3. Towards the more expensive or affluent sector of the market.

  4. Increase the size or improve the quality of.

  5. Having the feel, image, look, and price-tag of something designed to appeal to the well-to-do urban segment of the population.

Synonyms of Upscale

Deluxe, High-end, Choice, Exclusive, Select, Top-end, Luxurious, Superior, Premier, Upper-class, Elite, Top, Classy, Ritzy, Prime, Chi-chi, Premium, First-rate, High-quality, Top-quality, High-grade, Five-star, Finest

How to use Upscale in a sentence?

  1. Hawaiis upscale boutique hotels.
  2. He needs to extra funds to upscale the business.
  3. Once known as the low-cost cousin of beef, fish has moved upscale.

Meaning of Upscale & Upscale Definition