Ups Delivered To Wrong Address

Ups Delivered To Wrong Address

What is my legal obligation if UPS sends a package for my use if the address is incorrect? ۔

I'm a little angry right now. When I got home from work, I found a box of New Cord Ham on my porch. People (saving themselves) came to live a block from my house. I looked in the pne book, but they are not in the list, I checked on the internet, they are not in the list yet. I called the Ni Hem company and they asked a lot of questions and said I would leave the package there.

Is it my responsibility to get it to the right person (I'm on crutches at the moment) I did the right thing, but it took half an hour. If it were a letter, he would leave it in his mailbox.

Another neighbor told me he could legally keep it, but it wasn't a good idea.

Someone finally recovered from my use and became ungrateful.

What do you want someone to do? Talk to the right people and wish them a happy holiday.

Your neighbor is wrong. If they say you never asked, the law says it's a gift and you can keep it.

I got a package for someone else who called UPS and said they would pick it up. It is still there after 6 months. After a while, what I ordered was not in the box, even though it was on the NG list. The company representative I asked went to an address in Arkansas and told me he would send a replacement, and that's it. I received another package for someone else a month ago and after my investigation it is up to me if it was delivered to me legally and the sender or sender is responsible for changing this package. ۔ None of these issues forced me to sign any of these plans. If a signature is required, I will contact the shipping company or shipper to confirm that I am not responsible.

Ups Delivered To Wrong Address