Upper class

Upper class,

Definition of Upper class:

  1. Social class that can be distinguished from the classes beneath it (middle class and working class) by its influence, power, and wealth. Commonly only one percent or less of the population belongs to the upper class but it often controls one-third to two-thirds of the national wealth.

  2. Relating to or characteristic of the upper class.

  3. The economic group with the greatest wealth and power in society.

Synonyms of Upper class

Aristocratic, Noble, Noble-born, Of noble birth, Patrician, Titled, Blue-blooded, High-born, Well born, Elite, Upper-crust, Landowning, Landed, Born with a silver spoon in ones mouth, FFVs, Ancienne noblesse, Aristocracy, Baronage, Baronetage, Barons, Blue blood, Chivalry, Cream, Elect, Elite, Establishment, Flower, Gentility, Gentry, Haut monde, High life, High society, Knightage, Lords of creation, Nobility, Noblesse, Noblesse de robe, Old nobility, Overlapping, Peerage, Power elite, Power structure, Quality, Royalty, Ruling circles, Ruling class, Society, The Four Hundred, The best, The best people, The brass, The classes, Top people, Upper classes, Upper crust, Upper ten, Upper ten thousand, Uppercut, Best, Pick, Cream, Flower, Nonpareil, Elect

How to use Upper class in a sentence?

  1. The house of an upper-class family in Santa Barbara, California.
  2. You can tell a lot about an individual based on what social class they belong to, such as the upper class , millionaires, CEOs, and other societal elites.
  3. You should try to cater your product to the upper class so that you can charge a higher price for each item.
  4. It is important that the children of the upper class attend the “right” school.
  5. The upper class was our target market as we felt they had the extra income to spend on our luxury goods.

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