Definition of Upload:

  1. An act or process of uploading data.

  2. Transfer of data from a local or client computer to a remote or server computer. In internet communications (whether through telephone lines or wireless connections) upload speeds are normally slower than download speeds.

  3. Transfer (data) from one computer to another, typically to one that is larger or remote from the user or functioning as a server.

Synonyms of Upload

Transmit, Convey, Communicate

How to use Upload in a sentence?

  1. You can upload your prepared text.
  2. They are also adding the ability to pause an upload if you need to go off and do something else.

Meaning of Upload & Upload Definition

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How To Define Upload?

  1. Transferring data or programs from a small computer, camera, etc., or from a remote computer to a large computer system.

Meanings of Upload

  1. Transfer (data) from one computer to another, usually to a large or remote user's computer or as a server.

  2. The act or process of downloading a data.

Sentences of Upload

  1. You can send your prepared text

  2. They also include the ability to stop downloads if you need to do something else


To transfer files or data stored on your smartphone, tablet or computer to the Internet. For example, you can upload an image to social media or cloud storage.

Post a new post with a photo or video to your timeline. Photos and videos are now uploaded from your computer, tablet or phone, or even your watch...