Definition of Uphold:

  1. Founded as Bitreserve in 2013 and later changing its name, Uphold is a leading cloud-based digital currency platform. It allows users to transact across more than 30 different currencies and commodities, including a number of prominent digital currencies and precious metals. Through Uphold, users can also hold and convert their holdings with ease thanks to the platform's so-called "cloud money" service.

  2. Decision of a higher court to approve and endorse the appeal of a defendant, or the judgment of a lower court, with or without modification.

  3. Uphold was launched in 2013 and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. Founder Halsey Minor created the company out of a sense of frustration with existing financial services companies. Uphold launched a private beta program in May of 2014 and became open to the public later that year. The company retains its goal of making money both free and easy to use, inspired in part by the lack of financial transparency made clear by the 2008 financial crisis.

  4. Confirm or support (something which has been questioned).

Synonyms of Uphold

OK, Accept, Admire, Advocate, Affirm, Afford support, Aid, Allege in support, Answer, Approve, Approve of, Argue for, Assert, Assist, Attest, Authenticate, Back, Back up, Backstop, Bear, Bear out, Bear up, Bless, Bolster, Bolster up, Boost, Brace, Buoy, Buoy up, Buttress, Carry, Cast up, Certify, Champion, Circumstantiate, Confirm, Conserve, Contend for, Copyright, Corroborate, Countenance, Counter, Cradle, Crutch, Cushion, Defend, Document, Elevate, Embrace, Endorse, Erect, Escalate, Espouse, Esteem, Favor, Finance, Float, Float high, Fortify, Fund, Give support, Guard, Heave, Heft, Heighten, Heist, Help, Hike, Hoick, Hoist, Hold, Hold up, Hold with, Jerk up, Justify, Keep, Keep afloat, Keep alive, Keep in countenance, Keep intact, Keep inviolate, Keep safe, Keep up, Knock up, Lend support, Levitate, Lift, Lift up, Lob, Loft, Mainstay, Maintain, Make a plea, Not destroy, Not endanger, Not expend, Not use up, Not waste, Patent, Perk up, Pick up, Pillow, Plead for, Preserve, Probate, Promote, Prop, Prop up, Protect, Prove, Raise, Raise up, Ratify, Rear, Rear up, Rebut, Refute, Register, Reinforce, Reply, Respect, Respond, Ride high, Riposte, Rise, Sanction, Save, Say in defense, Set up, Shore, Shore up, Shoulder, Side with, Sky, Spare, Speak for, Speak up for, Stand by, Stand up for, Stay, Stick up, Stick up for, Strengthen, Subsidize, Substantiate, Subvention, Subventionize, Support, Sustain, Take kindly to, Take up, Think well of, Throw up, Underbrace, Undergird, Underlie, Underpin, Underset, Up, Upbear, Upbuoy, Upcast, Upheave, Uphoist, Upkeep, Uplift, Upraise, Uprear, Upthrow, Urge reasons for, Validate, Verify, View with favor, Vindicate, Waft, Warrant, Confirm, Endorse, Sustain, Validate, Ratify, Verify, Vindicate, Justify, Approve

How to use Uphold in a sentence?

  1. The court upheld his claim for damages.

Meaning of Uphold & Uphold Definition